Mastering Successful Policies & Procedures™

informationmapping-canvas 03This Master course shows you how to apply the skills taught in the Foundation to the task of creating policies and procedures that are clear, concise and effective, as well as easily revised and updated.

It is intended for those who write SOPs, GMPs, work instructions and other types of policy and procedure documentation.

Who should attend

Mastering Successful Policies and Procedures™ is appropriate for anyone who needs to write:

  • policies, directives, and protocols
  • procedures and work instructions
  • process information, or
  • compliance documentation.

Professionals in Operations, Quality Assurance, Customer Service, Human Resources and many other areas will benefit from this course.

What you will learn

The Mastering Successful Policies and Procedures™  course covers:

  • applying a systematic approach that makes team writing easy
  • getting started quickly, eliminating writer’s block, and spending less time writing
  • using consistent standards and formats
  • organizing information so it is easy to find and use
  • presenting the right level of detail for different audiences, and
  • writing in a modular format that makes it simple to update and reuse information.

How you and your organization will benefit

Mastering Successful Policies and Procedures™  helps you and your organization:

  • ensure that important documents follow proven best practices and standards
  • reduce questions to supervisors and peers
  • increase productivity and effectiveness
  • reduce errors and risk
  • comply with regulatory requirements, and
  • pass audits quickly and efficiently.


Participants must have successfully completed the Information Mapping® Foundation™ one day course.