Mastering Business Communications™

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This Master course meets the needs of those who want use their Foundation skills to write easily read, easily understood memos, reports, proposals, product descriptions and other business communications in less time.

This course is perfect for project managers, engineers and other business and technical professionals who need a painless, systematic approach to communicating more clearly and effectively in writing.

Who should attend

Mastering Business Communications™ is appropriate for anyone who wants to write more quickly and effectively, including:

  • business professionals
  • managers
  • engineers
  • sales and marketing professionals
  • administrative staff, and
  • anyone who wants to advance their career through better communications.

What you will learn

In Mastering Business Communications™ you will learn to:

  • get started writing quickly, eliminating writer’s block
  • write clearly and concisely
  • organize information to get the results you want
  • present the right amount of detail for different audiences, and
  • communicate clearly and persuasively with customers, vendors, managers, and everyone else you work with.

How you and your organization will benefit

Mastering Business Communications™ helps your organization:

  • reduce errors caused by miscommunication
  • improve staff productivity and efficiency, and
  • upgrade the quality of internal and external communications.


Participants must have successfully completed the Information Mapping® Foundation™ course.