Writing in Plain Language™

informationmapping-canvas 05Writing in Plain Language™ is an Information Mapping® course focusing on presenting your ideas simply and clearly for better compliance, reduced call times, and improved customer service.


Who should attend

Writing in Plain Language™ is appropriate for anyone who wants to go beyond the basics of plain language and write clear, effective communications that get results.

What you will learn

In Writing in Plain Language™ you will learn to:

  • organize and structure complex business information so that it is easy for diverse audiences to understand and use
  • provide context to improve comprehension, and
  • select the right level of detail for multiple audiences.

How you and your organization will benefit

Writing in Plain Language™ will help you:

  • present the right amount of detail for different audiences
  • reduce errors and risk
  • improve customer satisfaction, and
  • reduce questions to supervisors and customer support through clear and easy-to-find information.