Making E-mail Work™

informationmapping-canvas 11E-mail is a major tool for doing business—yet most writing classes fail to address how to make the best use of today’s most common communication medium. Making E-mail Work™ is an Information Mapping® Course focusing on writing more effective e-mails that are easy to read and understand, move your readers to action, and make a good impression.

Who should attend

Making E-mail Work™ is appropriate for anyone who uses e-mail at work.  It features the interactivity and instructor feedback provided by classroom learning.

What you will learn

In Making E-mail Work™ you will learn to:

  • plan e-mails based on your audience and the results you want
  • grab and keep your readers’ attention
  • organize content so it is easy to read and understand
  • produce reader-focused e-mails
  • write attention-getting subject lines
  • decide when e-mail is—and is not—appropriate
  • edit for clarity and conciseness
  • follow e-mail etiquette, and
  • make a good impression.

How you and your organization will benefit

Making E-mail Work™ helps your organization:

  • create more effective communications with customers, improving customer loyalty
  • reduce delays, errors, and misunderstandings
  • achieve smoother workflow through clear communications
  • bolster its image, and
  • improve employee morale