Information Mapping® Professional™ (IMP) Certification

An Information Mapping® Professional™ (IMP) is an individual who has demonstrated mastery of the fundamental principles and concepts of the Information Mapping® method. This expertise in applying the Method benefits both the individual and those who receive his/her business or technical communications.

Program benefits

An IMP Certification comes with the following benefits:

  • A personalized Information Mapping® Professional™ certificate.
  • Invitations to attend 2 IMP-specific webinars per year at no charge, designed to keep you up-to-date on the evolution of Information Mapping® products and services.
  • Invitations to give input regarding new requirements for the FS Pro software, and to join the beta test program for FS Pro.

Who should apply?

Anyone who has completed an Information Mapping® training program is eligible to apply for IMP Certification. All Information Mapping® classroom training now includes eligibility for IMP certification.

IMPs may not provide commercial Information Mapping® services

The IMP Program is a certification of individual achievement. As such, it is not intended for consultants who wish to provide Information Mapping® services to their customers, and does not serve as authorization for them to do so.

Those seeking to offer Information Mapping® writing or consulting services may be eligible to participate in the the Information Mapping® Certified Consultant™ (IMCC) Program.


The qualifications for becoming an IMP are:

  • completion of at least one official Information Mapping® training program
  • understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts of the Method
  • professional skills and experience in writing, and
  • personal attributes of high integrity, a professional attitude, and a passion for making information work.

About the IMP Certification Exam

The IMP Certification Exam consists of 20 multiple-choice questions about the fundamental concepts and principles of the Information Mapping® method, such as the research-based principles, information types, units of information and presentation modes.

You must answer at least 14 of these questions correctly, for a score of 70% or better, in order to pass the exam.

IMP Term: 3 years

IMP Certification is valid for a 3 year term, after which re-certification is required. This ensures that IMPs maintain their skills and remain current with the evolution of the Information Mapping Method.