write better proposals

Write better proposals

We’ve always been taught that it’s a jungle outside when it comes to closing a deal: survival of the fittest. However you can increase your chances exponentially to close your deal by using the Information Mapping methodology. Every closed deal starts with someone writing a proposal, often under time pressure.

5 tips how Information Mapping can help

This is how Information Mapping can help you closing more deals by writing better business proposals.

The decision maker has to read less and can easily digest your content, because Information Mapping only focuses on content with a meaning and avoids distraction.

Using Information Mapping results in a structured document that can be scanned by the reader so the information can be found quickly.

Avoid confusion by using always the same terminology. 
Consistency is king!

Start efficient and don’t lose time by using the Information Mapping proposal template.
The template is integrated in MS Word.

Information Mapping will let you discover gaps when defining the scope of your proposal.

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