Writing method

Writing methodWriting isn't an easy task, especially business writing. As a writer, you're faced with large amounts of source material. It's difficult for you to know where to begin. The content may be complex or confusing. Then you have to consider the needs of your audience.

  • Who needs to know what? 
  • What's important for your audience to know, rather than just nice for them to know?
  • What's the best way to organize all the information so it makes sense from the reader's perspective?
  • how do you make sure readers can easily find and understand the information they need?

Writing method Information Mapping

Today's business writers need a systematic approach to the task of writing, a writing method that takes into account the needs of readers and the purpose of the information. The Information Mapping Method gives you the skills you need to tackle any writing assignment quickly and confidently. You can apply the principles of the Method to create content that readers can easily access, understand and act upon.


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Before & After examples

See how Information Mapping can work for different types of documents:

Internal communication

Company policy

Business Process

Work instruction

Safety guidelines