What you'll learn

You’ll learn how to create easily read, easily understood policies & procedures, SOP’s, manuals, memos, reports, proposals in less time!

Throughout the course, we will also teach you how to present the Information Mapping® techniques in FS Pro for Microsoft Word.

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How you will benefit

After this course, you and your organization will:

Increase productivity

You’ll write more quickly and easily. Independent research shows that you can now double your productivity and effectiveness.

Follow best practices

Thousands of people and organizations worldwide successfully use the Information Mapping® Method. You’ll be one of them!

Reduce errors

Reduce errors caused by miscommunication. Did you know that errors are reduced by 54% when using this Method?

Upgrade quality

You and your customers will be amazed by the quality of your written documentation, both offline and online!

Comply with regulations

Auditors and regulators appreciate the clarity and accuracy of Mapped documentation.

Standardize your output

Information Mapping is a corporate content standard at organizations around the world. It’s ideal for use by writing teams.

Free module

The ‘Information Mapping® Essentials’ Video Course contains a mixture of...

In 15 modules that average 20 minutes each, a highly experienced Information Mapping® Master Instructor will teach you all the secrets of this great Method.

  • Introduction to the Information Mapping® Method (17:02)
  • Research-based Principles (26:28)
  • Blocks and Maps (22:45) (Get access to this free module)
  • Introduction to Information Types (25:34)
  • Presenting Procedure (Part 1 + Part 2) (22:24 + 16:00)
  • Presenting Process (20:16)
  • Presenting Structure (14:38)
  • Presenting Concept (15:36)
  • Presenting Principle (18:05)
  • Presenting Fact (18:16)
  • Managing large documents (23:02)
  • Document development process (Part 1 + Part 2) (15:24 + 30:22)
  • Wrap-up exercise (22:48)

The course features many hands-on exercises to ensure that you’ll quickly master your new skill set. The exercises range from fill in the blanks to writing exercises in which you apply the Information Mapping® Method to analyze, organize and present source material. The final wrap-up exercise will take you through the entire document development process step by step and allow you to create your first complete Mapped document from the ground up. Karen will guide you by introducing each exercise and providing sample answers.

For every exercise, you will be able to download the sample answer. You can compare the sample answer to your own answer, and Karen will explain where the common pitfalls are for each exercise and highlight the key points of the sample answer. This way, you will learn by doing, as if you were in a real-life classroom training.

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What people are saying about the course

The course has already helped many people worldwide to change the way they write. Check out their reviews!

About the instructor

Karen Krogh

Information Mapping Master Instructor Karen Krogh is a language specialist and translator who has taught classes in the Information Mapping® Method at organizations all over the world.

Karen’s work with the Information Mapping® Method includes implementation projects for financial organizations, airlines, shipping companies and government agencies.

“I’m delighted by how well this video course conveys the learning experience that takes place in an Information Mapping classroom.”

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