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Webinar: Building better SOPs for Organization Success

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FREE WEBINAR - September 8, 2016 | 45 MINUTES

By definition, the purpose of an SOP is to achieve efficiency, quality, output, and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication and failure to comply to industry regulations. Do your SOPs meet this definition?

What You'll Learn

  • the high costs associated with bad documentation
  • the essential steps for developing successful SOPs
  • how the Information Mapping methodology can make the process easier, and
  • how one company stepped outside the status quo to make their SOPs more efficient.

The Information Mapping method has stood the test of time. Organizations in all sectors have long relied on it as the internationally accepted standard for designing and developing policies and procedures and other business communications. Today, a new cadre of writers faced with the challenges of developing content for CMSs and other documentation-related technologies are adopting the Method, recognizing that its principles are essential to their success.

This will be a live interactive webinar followed by Q&A.

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Brown Bag Webinar

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FREE WEBINAR - September 22, 2016 | 45 MINUTES

Listen and learn about the proven Information Mapping® (IM) method and the benefits our customers gain using this method to solve critical documentation issues.

What You'll Learn

Learn how Information Mapping allows you to:

  • Create consistent high value easy to read documents
  • Save time and resources creating detailed process, procedure and training documents
  • Operate more efficiently and increase profitably for your enterprise-level organizations and government agencies.

This will be a live interactive webinar and include a demo of FS Pro followed by Q&A.

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How to Survive a Regulatory Audit



When auditors walk into your office, they’re looking for answers to these questions:

  1. Are you complying with regulations set by the board?
  2. What are your documented processes-- and how do they match up with what employees are doing?
  3. Do employees clearly understand how to execute their tasks?

To find the answers, they look at your documentation. Even small discrepancies can mean monetary fines, cancellation of licenses or the end of a business or business line.

About this webinar

Well-written documents like GMPs, GCPs, SOPs, and work instructions are crucial to your organization. This webinar will show you our proven method for creating

  • clear, effective documentation that minimizes regulatory agency review time
  • SOPs that reduce manufacturing cycle time
  • batch records that support compliance, and
  • training materials that decrease error rates and improve productivity.

This is an example of an SOP created using the Information Mapping Method: SOP for the operation of tanks in Media Preparation

To help you improve your documentation, we’ve compiled a list of seven essential steps to create successful compliance documents that we will share with you during this webinar.


Pharma & Biotech companies operate in a highly competitive and tightly regulated environment. They face enormous pressure from shortening time to market to ensure return on substantial R&D investments, and complying with the demands of regulatory agencies to meet quality and safety requirements before a product is released.

The need to reduce risk while accelerating time to market has become a compelling priority. The industry is seeking new ways to increase efficiency while operating safely and compliantly.

Our solutions

Information Mapping’s solutions meet these challenges by providing them with

  • clear, effective documentation that minimizes regulatory agency review time
  • SOPs that reduce manufacturing cycle time
  • batch records that support compliance, and
  • training materials that decrease error rates and improve productivity.

Before & After examples

SOP - Testing Drain Water for Microbes (Before & After example)

Procedure on notification of spills & releases (Before & After example)

Download examples

Discover some examples of how Information Mapping® can improve your documentation:

A new approach

Pharma and Biotech companies require documentation that meets the highest standards for quality, consistency and usability. They need to take a new approach to structuring content.

Information Mapping meets those challenges by

  • designing documentation that supports compliance and improves productivity
  • defining information requirements for SOPs, NDAs, 510(k)s, quality and batch-related processes, and
  • creating standards and templates for creating NDAs, ANDAs, 510(k)s and other drug and device submissions

Our clients

Our clients include: Abbvie | Abbott | Allergan | Baxter Healthcare | Boehringer-Ingelheim | Bristol-Myers Squibb | Celgene | Dr. Reddy's | Eli Lilly and Company | Lupin Pharma | Emergent | Genentech | Gilead | GlaxoSmithKline | McKesson Corporation | Novartis | Pfizer | Resmed | Roche | Sanofi | Siemens | Steris | ThermoFisher

Have a look some case studies of our clients.

Demystifying Quality Systems Documentation.

FREE WEBINAR - November 10, 2016 | 2:00 - 3:00 EDT
Documentation is a major driver or quality management systems, but it's often a root cause of inefficiencies and errors.
Now you can create policies, procedures, work instructions and records that support performance and compliance.

Join us an information-packed webinar that will:

  • Learn the reasons why documentation fails
  • Discover a proven approach to writing documentation that works
  • See case studies showing the benefits of improving quality systems documentation

About the Presenter

David SingerDavid Singer has over 30 years' experience in helping organizations achieve better control over their business-critical information. In his role as Content Development Manager he writes and speaks to audiences around the world about issues relating to content management and improving the quality and effectiveness of documentation.

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Is Poor Information Structure Slowing Down Your Call Center?

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Lengthy call cycles, complaining customers, high CSR turnover and poor ROI on inefficiently utitlized technologies are symptoms of poorly written and poorly maintained call center documentation.

What You'll Learn

Join us to learn about a proven approach that helps organizations drive down call center costs by

  • reducing search time, shortening call length and time to resolution
  • ensuring that information shared with customers is always up-to-date and accurate
  • shortening CSR onboarding and training cycles, improving morale, and
  • increasing and optimizing usage of call center technologies.

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FS Pro voor Microsoft Word

Teksten bereiken enkel hun doel als de vereiste actie duidelijk is voor de verschillende doelgroepen. Wie schrijft op een traditionele manier, vervalt al snel in ingewikkelde en lange ongestructureerde teksten en documenten.

Onze oplossing

Information Mapping® biedt een snelle en effectieve oplossing. Deze internationale, op wetenschappelijk onderzoek gebaseerde informatiestandaard zorgt er al meerdere decennia voor dat procedures, projectplannen, productdocumentatie, offertes, opleidingsmaterialen en zelfs volledige websites en intranetten beter leesbaar en duidelijker gestructureerd worden.


Voordeel 1

Train a team of 10-15 people at your own premises with customized content.

Voordeel 1

Train a team of 10-15 people at your own premises with customized content.

Voordeel 1

Train a team of 10-15 people at your own premises with customized content.

Voordeel 1

Train a team of 10-15 people at your own premises with customized content.

Zowel de schrijver, de lezer als de volledige organisatie winnen:

  • De lezer vindt sneller de informatie die hij of zij zoekt en maakt minder interpretatiefouten.
  • De schrijver werkt efficiënter en bespaart dus tijd én geld bij de ontwikkeling en het onderhoud van de documentatie.
  • Uw organisatie vermijdt risico’s ten gevolge van slechte communicatie en wordt sneller gecertificeerd bij kwaliteitsaudits.
  • Zowel uw interne als externe communicatie wordt duidelijk en consistent, wat het imago en de verkoopresultaten van uw organisatie bijzonder ten goede komt.

Benieuwd? Bekijk een voor-na voorbeeld van een aankondiging van een bedrijfsreorganisatie.

Gratis proefversie

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What You'll Learn

In this series of videos, you'll see a step-by-step creation of an SOP using the Information Mapping® Method, and learn:

  • Principles to make it easy to manage and organize your information
  • Proven writing techniques to improve effectiveness
  • Categorizing your information to answer your reader's questions
  • Using a MS Word add-in to optimize the creation process of your SOP
  • Applying styles in MS Word to create a perfectly structured document
  • Structuring longer documents for clarify and efficiency


Download this Before & After example of an SOP.

What You'll Receive

Sign up before May 15, 2016 to receive

  • Access until July 1 to a 30-minute training webinar 
  • A free 30-day trial of FS Pro, an authoring tool that integrates with Microsoft Word
  • SOP examples - Before & After demonstrations you can save

Schrijf snel en eenvoudig duidelijk leesbare documenten



Ook ú maakt documenten. Denk maar aan een offerte, verslag, projectplan, procedure of cursus.

De uitdaging

We spenderen niet alleen een groot deel van onze kostbare tijd aan het schrijven van deze documenten. De boodschap wordt soms verkeerd begrepen en we bereiken ook niet altijd het gewenste doel.

Lange, verwarrende en ongestructureerde documenten liggen vaak aan de oorzaak hiervan.

Hoe het wél kan

Wij tonen u in dit korte webinar:

  • Hoe u sneller en efficiënter een duidelijk en gestructureerd document maakt met behulp van een handige plugin voor Microsoft Word.
  • Welke principes en technieken uw tekst beter afstemmen op uw lezer.
  • Hoe u meer resultaten (lees: business) kunt halen door duidelijkere communicatie.

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Free eBook

6 Steps to Better Business Communications

Make your policies and procedures, training materials and other business communications clear, understandable, and easy to use. It will help to improve productivity, comply with regulatory requirements, and gain advantage in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Beter gestructureerde documenten in minder tijd

Donderdag 14 april 2016 van 11u30 tot 12u00

Schrijft u regelmatig documenten zoals offertes, rapporten en verslagen, procedures, of opleidingsmateriaal?

Wij tonen u graag hoe u dat op een gestructureerde en efficiënte manier kunt doen. En hoe u dus indruk maakt op uw prospect, klant, collega of baas.


Over dit webinar

Deze presentatie laat u in 30 minuten zien:

  • Wat de meest voorkomende fouten zijn bij het schrijven van documenten.
  • Met welke principes en technieken u uw tekst beter kunt afstemmen op uw lezer.
  • Hoe u Microsoft Word kunt omtoveren tot een tool om duidelijke en consistente documenten te maken.
  • Hoe u tijd (en dus ook geld) kunt besparen en bovendien de risico's van slechte communicatie kunt vermijden.

Gratis registreren

9 redenen
waarom documentatie belangrijk is voor uw organisatie

U gebruikt niet zo vaak documentatie in uw job, zegt u? 

Ga eens na hoe vaak u op het internet op zoek gaat naar informatie. Informatie die we blijkbaar niet meteen vinden in onze onmiddellijke omgeving.

9 redenen waarom documentatie belangrijk is voor uw organisatie

1. Informeer uw klant

Duidelijke en gestructureerde documentatie zorgt ervoor dat uw klant uw product of dienst gebruikt zoals u het bedoeld hebt. Anders krijgt u snel te maken met ontevreden klanten die misschien zelfs uw product terugsturen.

2. Verhoog de productiviteit van uw medewerkers

Om hun job te kunnen doen, hebben uw medewerkers beknopte en goed verstaanbare processen en procedures nodig. Dankzij duidelijke instructies werken ze sneller en bovendien ook veiliger.

3. Maak uw sales en marketingteam slimmer en efficiënter

Uw commercieel team zal meer succes boeken wanneer het een beroep kan doen op gestructureerde productinformatie om snel en accuraat te kunnen antwoorden op vragen van prospecten en klanten.

En denk u eens aan het effect van een duidelijk gestructureerde offerte op uw verkoopproces?

4. Verminder de kosten van uw klantendienst

De medewerkers van uw klantendienst kunnen sneller vragen en problemen oplossen als ze een beroep kunnen doen op duidelijke en snel te vinden informatie. U heeft niet alleen minder mensen nodig, uw klanten worden ook nog eens sneller en efficiënter geholpen.

5. Laat nieuwe collega’s sneller renderen

Organisaties die onderhevig zijn aan een snel veranderend personeelsbestand weten als geen ander dat duidelijke en eenvoudig te begrijpen opleidingsdocumenten en werkprocedures hun nieuwe medewerkers sneller en efficiënter aan het werk krijgen.

6. Verbeter uw producttesten

Het is geen uitzondering dat documentatieteams de eerste (en enige) testers zijn die effectief alle mogelijkheden van een nieuw product uittesten.Tijdens dit documentatieproces ontdekken ze onvolmaaktheden of fouten en kunnen ze zelfs suggesties maken voor verbeteringen.

Zo worden problemen verholpen nog vóór het product de markt opgaat.

7. Vermijd lange en frustrerende audits

Wist u dat 85% van de audits beginnen met een evaluatie van de beschikbare documentatie? Onvolledige, onjuiste of onduidelijke documentatie is dan ook één van de hoofdoorzaken van non-compliance.

8. Denk internationaal

Verkopen in het buitenland is voor vele bedrijven een opportuniteit. Vergeet echter niet dat de kosten van lokalisatie en vertalingen erg kunnen oplopen. Beknopte, consistente en gestandaardiseerde documentatie kan hier een aardige duit besparen.

9. Beperk uw risico’s

Slecht geschreven, verwarrende of zelfs onbestaande documentatie kan fouten en misverstanden veroorzaken die de veiligheid van uw medewerkers, uw klanten en de omgeving in het gedrang brengen. Bovendien loopt u een hoog risico op boetes en rechtszaken indien de documentatie verantwoordelijk blijkt.

Duidelijke documentatie beperkt niet alleen deze risico's, het zorgt er ook voor dat uw bedrijf een betere uitstraling en marktwaarde krijgt.

9 redenen waarom documentatie belangrijk is voor uw organisatie


Gratis checkup van uw documentatie?

Evalueer én verbeter uw eigen documentatie aan de hand van deze 6 concrete tips en tricks.


Ik wil het gratis eBook!

Documentation is a major driver of quality management systems, but it’s often a root cause of inefficiencies and errors.

Most quality management systems include specific documentation requirements but provide little or no guidance on how to create policies, procedures, work instructions, and records that support performance and compliance.

Join us for this free webinar and discover how to create successful quality systems documentation.

  • Explore the problems that cause documentation to fail
  • Introduce Information Mapping’s proven method to writing documentation that works at all levels of the quality system
  • Examine case studies describing how organizations benefit from improving their quality systems documentation
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About the Presenter

david singer headshotDavid Singer, Content Development Manager
David Singer is Information Mapping’s Content Development Manager. He has over 30 years’ experience speaking to national audiences about improving business results through more effective communication.



Date: Thursday, March 3 - 2016
30 minutes

Click on a button below to select the time you wish to attend:

About this software course

Writing SOPs with FS Pro

In the Writing SOPs with FS Pro software course you will learn how to use Information Mapping’s FS Pro software to write a clear and easy to understand Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The course consists of small video modules that will give you background on the Information Mapping® method and guide you step by step in writing an SOP with FS Pro.

What is FS Pro?

FS Pro is an authoring tool that integrates with Microsoft Word and that allows users to quickly and easily create professional looking documents by applying the Information Mapping® principles.

Target audience

This course is perfect for editors, reviewers and subject matter experts who need a quick introduction to Information Mapping’s FS Pro software.

Contents of the course

Writing SOPs with FS Pro contains a mixture of

  • Video Modules: Information Mapping’s highly experienced FS Pro Product Manager will give you a quick overview of the FS Pro features and guide you in the creation of your own SOP.
  • Downloadable Files: The course features several versions of the sample SOPs that you will work on.

What you’ll learn

The video course consists of 10 HD video modules:

Welcome 0:56
The Six Principles 7:32
Starting FS Pro 1:04
Overview of our SOP 2:10
Structuring our SOP (Get a free preview) 6:06
Six Information Types 2:38
Information Types in our SOP 7:29
Writing Correct Styles 4:07
Continuing a Document 2:39
Thank you 1:41

Meet the instructor

Information Mapping’s Product Manager Filip Vanlerberghe has 12 years of experience with Information Mapping and has been in charge of the FS Pro development since 2009. He has worked with customers in multiple industries to sell FS Pro, train employees, and customize FS Pro to the companies’ needs.

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Train a team of 10-15 people at your own premises with customized content.

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The most convenient way to develop your writing skills without leaving your desk.

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From the earliest phases of research and development to manufacturing and distributing new products, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are challenged by the sheer volume and complexity of the information they need to manage. They’re also heavily regulated.

Recognizing the importance of documentation to operational efficiency and compliance, industry leaders are improving its quality and consistency in these 3 key areas.

1. Reducing human error and its sometimes grievous consequences

In the interests of improving product safety and reducing risk, companies are reviewing their SOPs and work instructions for accessibility, accuracy and clarity. Eliminating gaps, inconsistencies and obsolete content can greatly reduce errors.

2. Streamlining submission processes

Submission processes for new drugs and devices are documentation-intensive. Unclear or inaccurate documents are often the cause of long delays in approval of new products. Companies gain competitive advantage by submitting clear, accurate and unambiguous documentation that minimizes regulators’ requests for clarification or other concerns.

3. Taking the risk out of outsourcing

Outsourcing of clinical research, manufacturing and other core functions can boost efficiency but also increase exposure to risk and regulatory intervention. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies have learned that outsourcing is an area where the quality and consistency of documentation is critical to success, especially where translation or localization issues are concerned.


ADeanJoin us for our webinar, SOPs: the neglected heart of Good Manufacturing Practice. Allison Dean, Information Mapping’s Director of Professional Services, will share valuable insights on how to ensure that your documentation is helping your company operate efficiently and compliantly.


Current situation

Every five years, the demand for power in India increases exponentially. During this expansion, it is necessary to ensure that existing infrastructure can handle both current and projected loads. 

Your challenges

How do you tell if your infrastructure can handle the inevitable surge? Well written and structured Standard Operating Procedures provide an accurate, actionable picture of your current operating efficiencies and performance. So you can plan to scale accordingly.

How can we help?

Information Mapping works with the Operations department of various organizations to identify problems and develop strategies for how they capture, distribute, access and manage their SOPs. Discover what we have done for other Energy companies worldwide.

We help them:

  • Minimize operating costs and errors
  • Minimize training time and questions to supervisors
  • Implement best practices easily, using documentation that consistently reflect current methods and procedures.

See a Before & After example

Fill out this form and receive a Before & After example that will show you the added value of Information Mapping® to your Standard Operating Procedures and Operations documents.


6-point-checkup-thumb-energyPoorly organized, confusingly written or inaccurate documents are a leading cause of safety problems, compliance violations, maintenance issues and other inefficiencies in the energy sector. Use this quick 6-point checklist to identify problem areas in your work instructions, SOPs, engineering and maintenance documentation and other communications.

Can we ask that question on the biggest documentation problem?

unnamedThere’s a lot riding on the quality and accuracy of the airline industry’s documentation. Poorly organized, confusingly written or inaccurate documents are a leading cause of safety issues, maintenance problems and other inefficiencies.


The case of MetroLink

Find out how St. Louis’ MetroLink used improved documentation to get its light rail vehicles back on track.